Baby Vomits On A £1,800 Top, Mom Refuses To Pay For It, People Are Divided Over Who’s Right

You can’t blame babies for being babies. First of all, they’re babies and really don’t know what they’re doing yet.

Second of all, they’re the epitome of cuteness, and you shouldn’t get mad at anyone so cute that it restores your faith in humanity. And lastly, any adults who blame babies for something they should have seen coming should really look at themselves in the mirror: maybe, just maybe, it’s not the baby’s fault something bad happened.

Case in point, one new mom shared how her cousin had an incredibly strange reaction after interacting with her newborn. The mom explained how, 4 weeks after giving birth, she’d invited her nearest and dearest to her ‘baby ceremony,’ hoping to introduce her daughter to everyone.

However, her baby threw up all over her cousin’s expensive blouse, completely ruining it. The mature thing to do would have been to have a good laugh about it and chuckle about how, yup, stuff like that happens, and this will make for a great story to tell. Instead, the woman later demanded to be reimbursed for the cost of her clothing. The cost? A jaw-dropping £1,800 (~$2,038). Scroll down for the full story and how the internet reacted after reading it. What are your own thoughts, dear Pandas? Let us know what you think about the entire situation.
Babies do what babies do: sometimes, they spit up and throw up

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A new mom shared how her cousin reacted after the newborn threw up all over her designer clothes

Image credits: MART PRODUCTION (not the actual photo)

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Naturally, the mom said ‘no,’ like most people probably would have. She wasn’t going to pay a huge amount of money to make up for something completely natural that her baby did. What’s more, this was in no way the family’s fault, either. The cousin chose to dress up all fancy in order to meet the baby.

“At the end of the day, we all know what babies can be like.

She took a risk wearing something so expensive knowing a baby was nearby and unfortunately it backfired.

I feel bad for her but it was not my fault,” the author of the post, redditor u/isaoas, shared.

However, she still had some doubts about whether what she did was, in fact, right or wrong.

So she turned to the always-helpful AITA online community to hear their verdict and opinions.

Like you probably could have expected, the AITA crowd was in all-out support of the new mom.

One redditor put it very well that the mom shouldn’t have been expected to act as the protector of her cousin’s wardrobe.

That’d just be silly. If you dress up nicely and hold the baby of your own free will, you can’t blame anyone but yourself if it does what babies do. It could have happened to anyone.

And it’s not like the baby can tell designer clothes from regular ones (though the Universe, always a fan of irony, seems to know the difference very well).

Healthy babies spit up very often. During the first three months of their lives, around half of all babies do this.

The difference between spitting up and vomiting is the force with which this happens. Spitting is sometimes accompanied by a burp. Vomiting, meanwhile, is forceful and shoots out rather than dribbles from the baby’s mouth.

Mayo Clinic notes that most babies stop spitting up by the time they’re 12 months old. There are some things that parents and loved ones can do to help reduce the amount of spitting up the baby does. For one, you should feed the baby in a more upright position and avoid actively playing with them or swinging them for the next half an hour.

What’s more, you should avoid overfeeding them. Take the time to burp your baby. Meanwhile, put your baby to sleep on its back: avoid placing your baby to sleep on its tummy. Do all of this and the choices of your newborn throwing up its lunch over your relative’s designer clothing decreases drastically! Of course, they could also, you know, wear something less fancy and focus on the baby and mom, not on showing off how utterly stylish and rich they are.

While most internet users were firmly in the OP’s corner, others had a very different opinion about the events

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