Ben Napier Went through Serious Weight Transformation to Live Longer & See Baby Daughter Growing Up

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Ben and Erin Napiers from the beloved GHTV renovation show Home Town have recently welcomed their second child together. Fans noticed that Ben looked much fitter in the recent episodes of Home Town, and the transformation was all because of his children.

Ben and Erin Napiers are one of the most famous couples on GHTV. They captured people’s hearts with their renovation series, Home Town, where they fix houses for people in Laurel, Mississippi.

Ben and Erin wanted their renovation series to highlight the beauty of Laurel but also showcase the beauty of living in a small town.

The show premiered in 2017, becoming a record-breaking hit and instantly gaining the couple’s fame. But throughout the life changes, Ben and Erin have only gotten stronger as a couple.

Their love story is one of the reasons fans love them so much. It all started when Ben and Erin attended Jones County Junior College. They had always seen each other around, but they were never formally introduced, but that all changed at their yearbook photoshoot.

Erin was the shy yearbook editor, and Ben had a feature written about him in the yearbook. This encounter gave the couple a chance to talk, and within six days, they both knew they had found “the one.”

Their seven-day love story is now a yearly anniversary that the couple calls “Love Week” and celebrates on December 7.

Ben and Erin dated for three years before Ben’s adorable proposal. Erin was at a bookstore when her friend gave her a leather-covered yearbook with a love story about college sweethearts.

As Erin was reading, she realized the story was about her and Ben, and the last page had the words, “Come upstairs for the rest of the story.” Erin nervously walked up the stairs and found Ben on one knee, asking her to be his wife.

The proposal was well planned out, and Erin’s friend captured the entire thing on camera as an addition to their archive of memories.

In November 2008, Erin, 23, and Ben, 25, tied the knot. Since Ben’s romantic engagement, he has created a yearbook for Erin for every anniversary they have celebrated.


The beautiful Home Town couple expanded their family and welcomed their daughter Helen in 2017. However, the road to parenthood was not easy because Erin did not think she would be able to become a mother.

The GHTV designer had a mystery illness discovered to be a perforated appendix. Erin had to undergo surgery to repair the tissue, but the doctor told her it might be difficult for her to carry a full-term baby in the future.

Therefore, the couple kept their pregnancy a secret for a long time because of the foreseeable complications, but baby Helen arrived three weeks early and healthy.

The terror of their first pregnancy bled into their second one, but the couple said they felt more prepared for any complications after welcoming Helen.

Some of the pictures Erin shared of her pregnancy confused people because the designer’s baby bump was not visible, but she explained it was due to the scar tissue from her surgery.

But once it was time for their second daughter to arrive, Erin and Ben said they grieved their time as a family of three and welcomed Mae in May of 2021.

Fame for the Napiers family was instant, but the couple has constantly ensured their job does not take over their lives. Erin and Ben have made it clear that their job will not come between spending time with children, no matter how big the cheque or the opportunity.

Therefore, Erin and Ben have a rule of thumb to ensure they have enough time to split between family and work. They explained;

‘If we can do it in two nights or less, then we can come. But if it’s going to be three nights, then we have to bring our nanny and Helen, and we need you to foot the bill for that,”

Erin and Ben’s career is mostly on screen, but the couple does not want their children to be in front of the camera for as long as possible.

The couple also hardly posts their children’s faces on social media, and it is also essential for Ben and Erin to also limit their social media usage.

The goal for the Napiers family is for their children to have a normal childhood, mainly because they come from a small town and work there as well.

Erin said her daughter enjoys playing outside and wants to keep it that way because that was part of their “magical childhood.”


When Home Town returned for its third season on GHTV, fans noticed a difference in Ben’s physical appearance.

The woodworker confessed that he had lost 55 pounds since the last year. Ben had exercised regularly in the past eight years, but he took his health more seriously after the birth of his daughter Helen.

Ben said, “Having Helen made me want to be healthier so I could be around a lot longer and see her grow up and see her whole life,”

This was after the woodworker had shared on Instagram that he lost his maternal grandfather due to a stroke, and his father and grandfather have both had serious heart surgeries.

Erin has also supported her husband during his weight loss journey. She also admitted that the genetic heart issues in Ben’s family have always made her nervous about Ben’s future health.

But the designer is happy to see her husband care for his health. Although Erin said she does not want to get too slim. She famously calls him Big because of his height and large frame, but Erina specified that she loves Ben at any size and always appreciates how safe she feels around him.

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