Boy Visits Boss Who Didn’t Hire His Mother, Next Day She Gets Job Offer Twice Better — Story of the Day

A young boy felt awful that his mother didn’t get the job she applied for because she had to do something for him earlier that day. The following day, his mom was surprised to receive a call back from the company, offering her a job better than what she had applied for.

Ophelia went in for a job interview at a firm that had several start-up businesses under its wing. She was applying to be the executive secretary to the CEO, but her chances of getting the job were slim because she came in late for the interview.

“I’m truly sorry I was late, sir,” Ophelia apologized as soon as the interview was finished. “I had an emergency I had to attend to earlier today that’s why I couldn’t make it on time. I hope you can give me a chance. I would really love to have this job,” she added.

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The boss looked at her curiously, as if trying to think whether or not her excuse was valid. After a few seconds of silence, he gave her an answer:

“I usually don’t mind it when employees are a couple of minutes late to work, but the job you’re applying for is to be my secretary. You need to be at the top of your game 24/7 with this role, and being late to your interview is just not a good look,” he told her. “I’m sorry, but I won’t be able to hire you.”

Ophelia looked down, disappointed in herself. She wanted to beg for a second chance, but she decided to accept her fate. “I understand, sir,” she said, nodding. “Thank you for giving me a chance to come in for the interview anyway.” She smiled before walking out the door.

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That evening, Ophelia clearly looked upset. “What’s wrong, mom? How did the job interview go?” her son Jessie asked him.

“I didn’t get the job, son. I didn’t make it in time for the interview,” she sighed. Jessie was about to cry upon hearing this, but Ophelia quickly assured him that everything was okay.

“It’s alright, son. There are many other jobs I can apply for. It’s no big deal,” she said, hugging him.

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The following day, the company CEO was told a young boy was waiting for him inside his office. Curious, he walked toward his office quickly and saw the boy sitting in front of his desk.

“Hello,” the CEO greeted him. “I’m James. How can I help you today, young man?”

“Hi, sir,” the young boy said. “My name is Jessie. My mom came in for an interview yesterday, but you rejected her. Is there any chance you can give her a second interview? I promise, my mom is the most hardworking person you’ll ever meet!” he told the boss.

“Really, now?” James said, surprised that Jessie came all the way to his office to ask for a second chance. “Why should I give her that chance?” he decided to ask.

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“It was my fault that she didn’t make it on time. I accidentally dropped some food on my shirt, and she had to wash it because I only had one uniform to use in school. It took a while to take the stain off, so she was late,” Jessie revealed.

“My mom is a hardworking woman, sir. My parents started a business once, and mom did all the difficult tasks. When it started to earn, my dad started to fool around with other women. He took all the shares of the company and left us, even though mom did everything,” he said, convincing the CEO to give his mom a second chance.

“What is this company they put up? Why didn’t she put it in her resume?” James asked Jessie.

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“They made organic cleaning solutions for home, personal, and office use. She didn’t put it in her resume because she couldn’t get evidence of her involvement in the company. My father took all the documents away and removed my mom’s name from everything,” Jessie explained.

It turned out that Jessie came to the office with his grandmother. He had called her up worried because he knew how much his mom had wanted to get the job. The brave little boy asked his grandmother to wait for him outside so he could talk to James himself.

That same day, Ophelia was asked to return to the office. “Can you make it here in 30 minutes?” the receptionist asked her. Surprised, Ophelia quickly got dressed and said she’d be there.

When she arrived at the CEO’s office, he offered her the position of Marketing Director in one of their start-up businesses focused on cleaning supplies and equipment. It was a direct competitor of her ex-husband’s company.

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“I want to offer you this position because I know you’ll do well. I’ve heard good things about your work in this particular business strand. I’d like you to enhance our branding and make it number one. Wash away those competitors. Can you do that?” Jessie asked.

Ophelia nodded, confident that she could take the business to greater heights. “Definitely,” she told him. “But sir, I hope you don’t mind me asking… how did you know I used to work with these products before?”

Jessie smiled. “You have a wonderful son, and I was lucky to meet him yesterday,” he revealed. “He shared the story about how you built the business from the ground up, only for your ex-husband to take credit for everything and leave you with nothing.”

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The woman returned home that night rushing to hug her son. “Thank you, sweetheart,” she told him. “Because of you, mom has a great job that’ll make us live more comfortable lives. This is for you, son.”

After some time, the company became the best in the market under Ophelia’s stellar marketing campaigns and rebranding initiatives. It eventually surpassed the company her ex-husband took from her, and her ex-husband was begging for a merger, which she and Jessie politely declined.

What can we learn from this story?

Being a genuinely kind person brings about blessings. Ophelia’s ex-husband betrayed her in many ways, but she didn’t let this harden her heart. She remained a good mother to her son and continued to work hard for their family’s sake.It’s never too late to start over again. Ophelia wanted a new job to live a more comfortable life with her son. Although circumstances hindered her from easily doing this, she was eventually allowed to work for a good company with a high-paying position. Despite everything she went through, she was able to start over again and make life better for her and her son.

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