Dad ‘Adopts’ Daughter’s Best Friend Who Is Trans and Was Rejected by Her Own Father

When her father rejected her after she transitioned, her best friend’s dad stepped up to the plate. An Australian dad adopted his daughter’s trans best friend symbolically, and the clip garnered a massive online reaction.

In August 2021, a symbolic adoption went viral. In a clip uploaded on TikTok, actor Mat Stevenson, who starred in “Home and Away,” signed a certificate that confirmed that Belle Bambi was now part of his family.

The gesture was heartwarming, especially for Bambi, who was purportedly rejected by her biological dad. Stevenson’s daughter, Grace Hyland, who is also trans, shared the story online.


A text overlay stated: “My BFF’s dad left because she’s trans. So we did this: Dad is adopting her! He’s always supported me, and he wants to support Bambi, too. We’re sisters now!”

Bambi also uploaded a personal video on her TikTok where she alleged that her father rejected her after she transitioned. She was saddened by this and stated: “Some days, I think about how my dad left me because I’m trans.”


Then Stevenson said: “I’ve got something for you.” He showcased the adoption certificate and planted a big kiss on Bambi’s cheek. “He adopted me,” Bambi added to the end of her clip.

Hyland expressed that she initially thought her life would be unhappy because she felt this way.
Hyland, who is elated to have a new sister, also experienced her own transition journey. Thankfully, her father showed her all the support she needed. In a short clip, she showed hundreds of thousands of viewers how she transitioned.

@bambifairy Finally a dad who accepts and loves me for who I am ??️‍⚧️ #dad #adopted #trans #tgirl #fyp #family ♬ sign of the times – favsoundds


Stevenson and Hyland could also be seen on “The Project,” an Australian television program that speaks about the topic. The father shared more about his daughter’s decision to transition.

He said: “So for me, it really made sense. All through Grace’s early years, she would gravitate to all things female.” Hyland added: “As young as maybe four or five, just really feeling that I was a girl.”

A father stands with his biological trans daughter and her trans best friend who he has symbolically adopted | Photo: TikTok/grace.hylandd


Hyland expressed that she initially thought her life would be unhappy because she felt this way. However, when her parents allowed her to embrace it, she didn’t feel “weird.”

She wanted her friend Bambi to receive the same kind of support she did when she revealed that she was transgender. Her father certainly made sure his newly “adoptive” daughter felt loved. Commenters praised him for his actions.

Netizens react to video of a father adopting his daughter’s trans best friend after her own father rejected her | Photo: TikTok/grace.hylandd


One user called it “the most beautiful touching thing” they had ever seen. Another stated: She looks so happy!! Her dad didn’t deserve her, and your dad is amazing.”

Some netizens wished their parents would support them in their lifestyle choices. One person expressed: “Can someone adopt me? My family hates me for being trans.”

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