Doctors rush to help when a mother cat brings her kitten to the hospital… Watch their heart-warming photos here…

The incident happened in Istanbul, Turkey, according to Turkish media, a city that is home to hundreds of stray cats. Everyone in the facility was moved to tears when a stray mother cat carried her kitten to the bedside of a human hospital.

Merve Ozcan recorded this amazing scene and shared it on Twitter. “Today we were in the hospital room when a cat raced in with her kitten in her jaw,” she said.

A tiny kitten is seen being taken by its mother to the human room in photos uploaded on Twitter, and personnel, despite not being trained to treat animals, immediately reacted to the mother’s quiet request. While the physicians tried to save the kitten, the mother cat followed it about, never letting it out of her sight.

To relieve her anxiety, the caregivers provided her milk and nourishment to make her feel more at ease. After determining that there was nothing wrong with the kitten, the experts began to examine its mother’s health. Following that, the two were led to a veterinarian to ensure that the mother and kitten pair were in excellent health.

The heartwarming photographs have gone popular on social media, touching the hearts of millions. “Cat knows where to seek assistance,” one user commented. This is quite touching.”

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