Former Foster Child Who Never Found Forever Home Adopts Six Sons in Need to Give Them a Family

A woman waited to be taken into a forever home. However, no one ever adopted her out of foster care. Years later, she decided to give six boys the family they always longed for. 

At 12 years old, Jessica Benzakein was taken from her home after her mother lost custody of her. The next few years of her adolescence were spent bouncing from foster home to foster home.

It was a difficult time in her life, and Benzakein always longed to be adopted into a loving family. She was one of the thousands of kids in the U.S. foster care system waiting for their forever homes. Sadly, no one took her home with them.


Benzakein was already past the age that most parents tend to adopt from. She was also too young to live independently, so she faced six years of constant uprooting. Her childhood was lonely, and she never felt like she belonged. 

The young woman eventually set out on her own path, but she always felt a responsibility to help children who faced similar experiences. She started a family and had two kids of her own. However, it was not enough.


The mother felt urged to adopt, and when she committed to bringing a child home with her, she couldn’t have imagined what would happen next. Benzakein first fostered six young boys that longed for love and care.

When discussing whether or not she would adopt all of them, she didn’t think twice. The mother welcomed Will, 19, Carter, 14, Sidney, 13, Buddy, 8, Kendrich, 6, and T.J., 4, into her home forever. 


While people often view Benzakein as the hero, she sees it the other way around. She is the lucky one because her kids changed her life for the better.  The proud mom shared:

“They grounded me. I went through my 20s thinking I didn’t really need a family. But I did. They give me purpose.” 


In 2019 the adoption was made official in a Milwaukee courtroom, and the kids were ecstatic. The mother expressed that she might not be the best mom in the world, but she certainly is “their best mom.”

When the judge asked her if it was in the kids’ best interest to adopt them, Benzakein said they were great together, and the children agreed with her. 


The kids also helped tap the judge’s anvil to make the process official. One of the children also indicated that it did not matter whether the adoption was official or not.

He would always view his foster siblings and his mom as family. Benzakein is thrilled with her family of eight, and while it isn’t always easy, it is worth it because she loves her kids. 

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