Homeless Teen Mom with Newborn Saved from the Streets before Christmas by Guesthouse Owner

Source: twitter.com/LivEchonews
This year a young family in need were welcomed into a guesthouse and spent Christmas in a warm home. They were three of many people saved from life on the streets. A 17-year-old mother living in Southport, United Kingdom, struggled to find a place to live. They met their hero Barbara Godfrey who owned The Captain’s Quarters and Andora guesthouses.

Godfrey was contacted and asked if she was able to house a family. Her home was warm and welcoming to everyone who entered its doors. The owner used her tourism business as a transformed safe house for people in need.


Teenager Sasha had given birth to her son, Leo, and could not find a suitable place to live. Godfrey welcomed the young family, and she expressed: “We probably would have been stuck in a bad situation if we hadn’t come here.”

Godfrey was on the council’s list of potential safe spaces for people in need. Once she agreed to open her home, the families kept coming through her doors. She promised to treat each person as if they were family.


Godfrey said that while she was always happy to see her visitors leave her place better than when they arrived, she was always sad to see them go because they become “dear” to her over time. Her kindness saved many from homelessness.

The young mother was one of the recipients of her generosity, and she couldn’t say thank you enough. Sasha stated that they would have been in an “absolutely awful” situation if not for Godfrey. She added: “I’m so glad that Barbara has let us stay.”


The little family felt comfortable in Godfrey’s guesthouse, and they were treated to cupboards filled with food. Sasha and her partner were not getting any benefits, so this was extremely helpful, mainly because they had a newborn to care for.

The young mom said:

“Barbara has helped in ways we couldn’t have imagined. She’s helped us get Leo everything he needs. I can’t imagine what it would’ve been like if we’d have been put on the streets with him.”


Godfrey wishes she could help more people. She added that it was heartbreaking that she could not help everyone in need. The owner expressed: “I never imagined that so many people out there needed so much help.”

She was stunned by how many citizens were “just one pay packet away from being homeless.” Her commendable efforts made a significant difference because her homes assisted many in getting back on their feet and gave them a helping hand when they needed it most.

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