Meet Zika, the amazing cat parent who is the father of Bika and Zika, twin kittens.

Introducing Zika, a charming child named after the enigmatic man with the mask. He just had a baby, and it’s a little clone of him. This woman has a lot of cats living with her.

But the cat that has captured his heart is the most distinctive.

It is simple to recognize this cat, despite the comics’ claim that it is hard to tell who is hidden behind a mask. This cat’s name is Zika.

On social media, he goes by the moniker Zika, though, for obvious reasons. He produced a great deal of kittens as his progeny. But one of his offspring stood out among the others because he possessed the unusual and attractive features of his father.

The kitten, who was given the name Bika, shares his father’s mask and cap.

For this reason, the kitten was given this name. Undoubtedly, a kitten with this appearance has become well-known on the network.

Videos of a father and kid on TikTok instantly garner millions of views. Millions of people follow and watch this wonderful duo of a disguised father and kid.

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