Military Mom Comes Home to Kids after 2 Years, ‘Where’s Your Brother?’ She Asks & Sees Daughter Crying — Story of the Day

A military mom comes home after a long sting overseas and is met by her mother and her small daughter. When she asks for her son, she is shocked.

Being a soldier isn’t easy, especially when you are a mom. As a single mom of two, Joanna found it particularly difficult to deal with being deployed to the Middle East for two long years.

Only the unwavering support of Joanna’s mom, Carol, had allowed her to pursue her military career after her husband was killed in combat. Now, Joanna was almost home and couldn’t wait to see her two babies…

The plane touched down and taxied to a halt, and all the eager military passengers were jostling each other to be the first to get out. On the tarmac, a crowd of family and friends were waiting.

Joanna shouldered her backpack and pushed past one of her colleagues. “Hey!” he said. “Watch it!” 

“Sorry,” Joanna cried apologetically. “I haven’t seen my kids in two years, and I don’t think I can wait one more second!” Her colleague shrugged and grinned, and waved Joanna on.

We are a living example for our children.

Joanna was out and running towards the crowd of people waiting for the returning soldiers. But where were her mother and her two children?

Joanna looked and looked, but she couldn’t find them. Then she heard a familiar voice cry, “MOMMY!” Even though there were hundreds of mommies present, Joanna KNEW that she was the one being called!

She turned and saw her beautiful Emily running towards her, her arms opened wide, waving a flag bravely in her hand. “Mommy, Mommy, I missed you…”

Seconds later, Joanna was holding her baby girl, hugging her tight, smelling the sweet scent of her skin. Tears were running down her face. “I missed you too, Emmy,” she whispered brokenly. “So much!”

“I thought you’d NEVER come home,” Emily sighed, and rested her blond head on her mother’s shoulder. “Promise you’ll never go away again?”

“I promise, honey,” Joanna said. “I’ve already applied to a post close to home. We’re going to be a real family again!”

Joanna set Emily down gently and looked around for her mother, and for her son Kevin. There was her mom! Carol threw her arms around Joanna and started crying too.

“Oh, Joanna,” she said. “I’ve prayed for you and begged God to keep you safe… You’re MY little girl, and don’t ever forget it!”

“I won’t, mom,” Joanna smiled with tears in her eyes. “My wandering days are over. But where is Kevin? Where’s your brother?”

Carol fell silent, and little Emily burst into tears. “Oh, mommy, Kevin…He wouldn’t let us tell you, he disobeyed grandma…”

Joanna felt the blood drain from her face. “What’s happened to Kevin, mom?” she demanded. “Where is my son?”

Carol looked weary. “I’m sorry Joanna, I wanted to call you and tell you,” she explained. “But Kevin wouldn’t let me…”

“WHAT HAPPENED?” cried Joanna anxiously. “Just tell me!”

“The day before yesterday, Kevin climbed up onto the roof while I was making dinner,” Carol revealed. “He was trying to put up a flag for you, but he slipped on some moss and…”

“And WHAT?” Joanna nearly screamed.

“He fell off the roof and he broke his leg,” Emily said. “And he made a big noise, and we called the ambulance…”

“He WHAT?” gasped Joanna. “Mother, my son broke his leg and you DIDN’T TELL ME?”

“Well,” Carol said nervously. “Kevin didn’t want me to…”

“Since when does a ten-year-old tell YOU what to do?” asked Joanna angrily.

“I’ll tell you why, Joanna,” said Carol. “Your son fell off the roof and broke his leg in three places and didn’t make a sound, not a single cry, not a tear! Do you know what he said? ‘Don’t tell mommy! She’s so far away, and she’ll be so worried. Please don’t tell her until she gets here!’ That’s what he said.

“And, Joanna, he was so brave and so worried about you. Like a little man. So I respected his request. If I HAD told you, what could you have done? Nothing.

“You would have spent the last 48 hours worried sick. Kevin is your son, and he’s courageous and loyal, and considerate. You should be very proud of him!”

“I am,” Joanna said, tears coursing down her cheeks. “Please, mom, take me to him!”

Carol drove Joanna and Emily to the hospital. Kevin was lying in a bed with his leg suspended by pulleys and he looked very nervous. As soon as he saw Joanna, he cried, “Mom! I missed you!”

Joanna hugged her son tenderly, careful not to jostle his poor leg. “I guess gran told you what happened,” Kevin said, looking very embarrassed.

“Yep, she did,” Joanna said. “She said you disobeyed her and that is why you fell.”

Kevin blushed. “I did…” he said. “But I wanted to honor you, mom, like a real soldier…”

“Kevin,” Joanna said sternly. “A REAL soldier obeys orders, even when he disagrees!”

The boy’s eyes filled with tears. “I guess I’ll never be a real soldier like you and dad,” he mumbled.

“Oh, yes you will!” Joanna said. “You know why?” Kevin shook his head, and Joanna continued. “A real soldier is brave, and you are VERY brave, and kind too.

“You wanting to spare me worry was very kind, Kevin, it tells me you will soon grow up to be a good man, as well as a brave one. I’m very, very proud of you son!”

Kevin was grinning and crying at the same time, and he looked exactly like his brave dad. Joanna knew that one day, Kevin would do great things for his country and his family.

What can we learn from this story?

We are a living example for our children. Joanna and her husband were dedicated to serving their country, and Kevin was very proud of his mom.

A brave, honest boy will grow into a good, courageous man. Kevin was determined not to worry his mom, and even though he was in a lot of pain, he never complained or cried out.

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