Mom-Of-8 Invites Elderly Widow to Live With Them after She Lost Husband & Home in One Day

Gean LeVar was still dealing with the loss of her husband of 58 years when police told her she could not return to their home because of its deplorable living conditions. However, the widow soon received help from an unlikely place.

Losing a loved one is a challenging thing to deal with, and it’s even more challenging for older people when they suddenly lose their life partners. Thrown into unfamiliar territory when feeling lonely and alone can harm their health.

The ability to effectively deal with loss often depends on the love they receive from their immediate family, who make sure to remind them they are loved and cared for.

Gean LeVar sitting on a chair | Source: Yotube/12 News

However, when an elderly Arizona woman lost her husband and with no immediate family to turn to, she received love from someone she barely knew.


Gean LeVar of Glendale, Arizona, had been married to her husband for 58 years until he died in their home in January of 2021.

The police were called to their residence, but when they entered, the police discovered the couple had been living in terrible conditions. LeVar’s house’s living situation was so bad that the police had to condemn the house.

Gean LeVar having a conversation with Carmen Silva and her daughter | Source: Facebook/CBS News

Suddenly LeVar, still dealing with the loss of her husband, had another problem on her plate. She had not only lost her husband but her home as well, all in one day.

Her displacement became a vital issue because LeVar had no children or family who could accommodate her, and she had nowhere else to go. However, when she thought all was lost, help arrived.


LeVar and her neighbor Carmen Silva barely knew each other; however, when the latter heard about her situation, she felt concerned. After Silva learned that LeVar had no kids or family to accommodate her, she decided to help the older woman, although they were not close.

“I told her, ‘Don’t worry, Gean, we’re going to fix it,’” Silva noted. Although Silva lived in a small three-bedroom apartment with eight kids, she and her family decided to make room for LeVar.

Her sons gave up their bed to sleep on the couch so the older woman could have a place to sleep. The family eagerly welcomed LeVar into their home, and she became their adopted grandmother.

Silva explained she had always taught her kids to take care of their elders, and she felt relieved that LeVar now looked happy, and she believes it’s because she has them as her new family.

LeVar also could not believe the love she received from Silvia and her kids and disclosed that her newly adopted family means everything to her.


After Silva and her family took LeVar in, a nonprofit group called “Operation Enduring Gratitude” heard about LeVar’s situation. The group which helps Arizona veterans and their families decided to step in since her late husband was a Navy veteran.

The group and volunteers decided to renovate her condemned house. The group consisting of veterans, students, and people connected to the veteran community updated the house with electricity, a walk-in shower, and many other things.

After renovating the house, they took LeVar on a tour of her improved home, and the older woman was visibly emotional.

Although the home belonged solely to her, LeVar noted that she planned to share the apartment with Silva and her kids because they were now her family, and that’s what families do. Afterward, the nonprofit organization wrote this on its website:

“The Veteran Community continues to grow larger, older, and more in need. We want to fill the gap left by other services. With the help of good people, we make a difference in the lives of the Veterans around us.”

They also noted they owed a debt of gratitude to those who fought for their freedom and were offering gratitude through efforts like what they did for LeVar.

Meanwhile, Silva also posted a clip of LeVar taking a tour of her newly renovated home on her social media. She captioned the clip with an explanation of how she learned about diabetes for caring for her mother, who had dialysis and bone marrow cancer.

Coincidentally, LeVar also had diabetes, and her previous experience helped her to take care of the older woman. Therefore, Silva concluded that God had everything planned, and she also took this situation as a sign from her late mother.

It is important to take care of older people because all they need in the winter of their lives is love and a bit of attention. So, what this family did deserves recognition.

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