Retired woman now lives full-time in teardrop camper, explores the country in a life of pure freedom

Have you ever dreamed about just getting away from it all? Sharon has, and when she retired she made her dreams a reality.

Featured on an episode of Enigmatic Nomads, Sharon is the proud owner of a teardrop camper and not much else!

(image source; YouTube screenshot/Enigmatic Nomads)

After retiring from a long career in the pharmaceutical industry, he has completely downsized her material possessions and now lives full time in a T@b M@x S model teardrop camper. Now armed with an epic sense of adventure and a few solar panels, Sharon lives completly off the grid and travels the United States as she pleases.

Come take a look insider her tiny home that has given her access to a larger-than-life retirement plan.

(image source; YouTube screenshot/Enigmatic Nomads)

Her living space may seem small by today’s standards, but it still has everything she needs. Her tiny kitchen has a sink, stove, refrigerator, and a great big window for plenty of sunlight.

(image source; YouTube screenshot/Enigmatic Nomads)

A combined shower and toilet bathroom is hidden beside the kitchen. It’s incredibly compact, and may seem a little awkward, but everything fits!

(image source; YouTube screenshot/Enigmatic Nomads)

Opposite the kitchen and bath lies Sharon’s bed. It’s as compact as everything else in the camper, but big enough for her to get a good night’s rest. After all, Sharon’s life is spent in search of adventure, the camper itself is simply her rest and recharge station.

What do you think about her retirement plan?

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