Sanitation worker goes out of his way to help elederly woman, and it’s all caught on camera

Colette Kingston installed a security camera after her mother Opal fell and hit her head when she was moving a trashcan from her driveway.

Opal is 88-years-old and has dementia, so Colette installed a home security system to help keep an eye on her elderly mother.

She started regularly checking the footage from Opal’s home in Independence, Missouri, but Colette never expected what the security camera captured.

At first glance, she saw a local sanitation worker having a conversation with her mother. Upon a second viewing, Colette was moved to tears by what she saw. She was so moved that she began a mission to track down the man and thank him for the kindness he showed her mother.

“Most of the time you don’t even know their face, let alone a name with them,” she said about sanitation workers in an interview with WDAF.

Watch the heartwarming security footage in the video below.

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