See the 101-year old woman who is still working as a hair stylist, wonderful

Callie Terrell, a hair stylist, is the oldest beautician remaining in the workforce in Tennessee and possibly the entire United Statesat 101 years old.

Well, I’m at a loss for words. She told WREG, “I’m glad I can still physically accomplish some of the things I used to.

“I imagine there aren’t many 101-year-olds in Memphis who are still employed since they ask, ‘Still working?’ I am, nevertheless, still alive.

When she turned 100 years old last year, she declared that she was prepared to retire. But given the current state of affairs, her retirement is not now an option.

“Well if you don’t use it, you lose it and people want me to work on them and they pay me, so why not do it,” she said.

She also attributes her long life to being able to love what she does, which made her want to keep going.

I believe working and staying busy is just my secret because that’s what I’ve done, she remarked. I used to run a very successful firm, and I like what I do.

She also wants to serve as an inspiration for young people. Do the right thing, please. I’m saying that you might attend church.

Do you adhere to the Bible? Simply live it, she advised. Love everyone. No matter who they are. It doesn’t matter if they don’t love you back.

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