Strangers see barefoot child waving them down, then follow her back into the woods

Angela, like too many parents before her, pushed herself beyond the limits of her body.

Completely exhausted, Angela fell asleep behind the wheel while driving home through the Canadian Rockies with her 5-year-old daughter, Lexi, and 10-week-old son, Peter.

The family’s SUV veered offroad and fell down a 40-foot embankment. Angela was knocked unconscious from the crash, but little Lexi was still awake. She was terrified, but the sounds of her baby brother’s screams gave her the strength she needed to save her family.

Battered and bruised, the brave 5-year-old unbuckled her car seat and pulled herself from the wreckage. She then proceeded to climb the 40-foot hill to reach the road. Standing alone in her bare feet, Lexi waved frantically until a car finally stopped.

A couple saw the little girl alone and knew something was wrong.

Watch the video below and find out how Lexi became the youngest person to receive the bronze medal from the Royal Canadian Humane Society.

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