The Dalmatian is expected to give birth to 4 puppies, but the dog really produces 19 adorable puppies against the veterinarian’s predictions.

The happy owners of these adorable babies frequently take eight, ten, or even twelve of them home. A national and international record was set by Mina from Australia, nevertheless. Mina vowed to carry out her promise in the future!

She also revealed another astounding result: a litter of 19 adorable, healthy puppies. The owner of Mina, Diana, is still in shock. Like any good and caring owner, she regularly took her pet to the veterinarian when she was expecting.

X-rays reveal that there will only be four puppies in the litter. ‘ We weren’t really aware of what was happening during birth, to be completely honest. Babies continued to be born one by one, and Mina was far from done.

After the thirteen and a half hour labor, we had already received sixteen pups. But that wasn’t the only intuition we had. Eventually, two more were born, according to Diana.

Many pieces in the local press helped them immediately gain notoriety. People are contacting us and traveling from all over the country to purchase puppies. Let’s wish the infants luck and pray that they are adopted by loving people!

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