This little girl performs a cover of “Old MacDonald”, and this is the most adorable and funny video you’ll see today…

In a YouTube video, a father asks his young daughter to sing “Old MacDonald Had a Farm,” and she responds with a sweet remix of the traditional children’s song. It’s really cute how she mutters between the verses and then resumes singing this song.

Parents have sang a variety of nursery rhymes to their children for many years. No of the age in which they are born, these timeless tunes and nursery rhymes are passed down from generation to generation and continue to enchant children.

According to CSU Fresno, the nursery rhyme “Old Macdougal Had a Farm” dates back to 1917, on which “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” is based. The original song has remained a fan favorite ever since, but this young lady has decided to give it a slight remix.

She sings a nursery rhyme based on each of the five finger puppets, which are a cow, pig, dog, cat, and duck, using a book as her guide that also has five finger puppet animals attached to it. She changes the finger puppet in her hand between each line and accurately names and describes the animal it represents, as well as its sound.

Through the accurate vocalization of each species, she effectively conveys her expanding knowledge of animals. Her imitation of a duck’s quack is perfect!

Watch the adorably funny video here:

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