Woman has miracle baby at 50 after 18 miscarriages over 16 years

Louise met Mark in 1999 and knew right away that she wanted to have children with him.

Louise had always wanted a child, and when she was 32, they began trying. But since Mark had a vasectomy, they had to explore alternative means of getting pregnant.

Over a 16-year period, Louise and Mark spent over $100,000 on sperm donors and numerous cycles of IVF. But each time Louise became hopeful after finding out she was pregnant, the pregnancy ended in miscarriage. There were 18 terrible instances of this.

“It was a complete mystery why my body kept rejecting my baby at just a few weeks old, but it was heart-breaking every single time,” she said.

Learn more about pregnancies later in life with the documentary video below, “Babies at 50.”

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